For special flight missions that require alternate or simultaneous viewing of images in different light spectra we have built the AZIMUT VIPER video gimbal capable of operating in all weather conditions.

The video mount is equipped with a visible specter camera with X30 optical zoom capable of identifying targets more than 1 km away.

Also the video gimbal is equipped with infrared camera that the user can switch with ease between the two video cameras or even see them simultaneously thus being able to easily identify a target.



3 axes video stabilization

The video mount has a 3-axis stabilizer with a maximum deviation of 0.05 degrees.
In addition, the video gimbal is independently stabilized on 3 axes, can be used freely regardless of the orientation or inclination of the aircraft, so it can perform missions to identify long distance targets.
The video gimbal can be attached / detached in seconds to the AZMINUT H using a “quick release”.

  • All-weather video gimbal
  • 3-axis stabilized
  • Maximum deviation of 0.05 degrees
  • Quick release to AZIMUT H
  • Made of carbon fiber
  • The center of gravity for the camera can be easily adjusted
  • Intergrated video transmision module
  • Dual camera setup for simultaneous viewing in multiple light spectrum




For professional video, a high sensitivity camera is required. Being able to stabilize large DSLR cameras, AZIMUT CINE ensures that the image is perfectly stable even in high wind conditions.

Using lightwight carbon fiber ensures that the maximum flight time is achived even when a hevy profesional video camera is attached.

The video transmision module is integrated into the gimbal ensuring a quick attach/ detach to the AZMINUT H.

  • 3-axes gyro stabilized
  • Carbon fiber construction
  • Easily adjustable center of gravity for the camera
  • Quick release from AZIMUT H

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