Designed as a MISSION CRITICAL UAV platform, capable of flying regardless of atmospheric conditions, with operational capabilities even under extreme temperature conditions (between -20 degrees and + 45 degrees Celsius), the AMIZUT UAV is remarkable through its versatility.

Thanks to the modular concept behind this flight platform, the AZIMUT model line comes in a wide range of configurations to successfully solve any type of mission.
Flight safety is ensured by the existence of multiple redundancy systems that offer the promise of a successful flight mission.


Sturdy & modular!

Built exclusively from carbon fiber and adopting modular technical solutions, AZIMUT line of uav’s is able to achieve long flight times and the possibility of transporting loads of significant weight.

  • All-weather UAV platform
  • Automatic flight stabilization
  • Automatic altitude control
  • Redundant against battery failure
  • Return to the take-off point automatically
  • Redundancy in case of failure of one of the engines (the flight platform continues to operate even without 2 of the engines)
  • Redundancy in case of failure of one of the motor controllers
  • Redundant in case of failure of the main flight management unit (autopilot). In this situation the flight is automatically transferred to the secondary autopilot unit



The AZIMUT uav is able to fly even in difficult conditions with heavy wind, rain or snow.
The technical specifications and flight capabilities of the AZIMUT line model have convinced thru it’s versatility and the existence of multiple active redundancy systems during the flight.
The AZIMUT have the ability to easily detach the engine arm for easy transport, and the video mount is attached / detached via a quick release.


– “flat” or X8 configuration
– 8 engines with ceramic bearings and carbon springs
– multiple redundancy systems
– integral carbon construction
– quick detachment of the motor arms for easy transport
– “ruggend” transport box
– “quick release” system for attachment / detachment of video mounts
– GPS accuracy with deviation below 1 m
– maximum control distance of 4 km
– 4.5 kg take-off weight
– maximum weight of 6 kg
– Flight time 45 minutes (depending on the weight of the load)


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